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Operation purpose of calender

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The calender is a high-efficiency mechanical device used in the process of fabric manufacturing textiles. The calender has different functions according to the number of accessories such as cloth guide rollers or rollers equipped on the machine. In general, the general-purpose calender is used. The outstanding feature of this type of calender is that there are more than five guide rollers. However, in the general-purpose calender, according to the manner of roller display, the function and effect are different. It is also different, so the general-purpose calender is particularly flexible in terms of performance, and can be randomly arranged and combined according to its actual situation or work needs to achieve its purpose. In addition to the universal calender, if there are six to ten rollers assembled on the machine, it can be used for laminated calendering; if there are only three rollers on the calender, it can be used as Conflict calendering operation; if two soft rollers are provided in the middle of the calender, half of them are used for double-sided calendering; if the rollers are arranged in a soft and hard staggered display method, they are generally used The product is calendered on one side.

The reason why the calender can complete the final lamination and calendering of the fabric after operation is that the principle is that the fabric first passes through and is wound on the roller of the calender for one week, and repeats through the winding after repeated operation through the guide roller After five or six operations in this way, as the number of fabric layers increases, the texture of the fabric will become more and more firm and firm, and can usually meet the needs of various hemp yarn bleaching and picking up of colored fabrics.

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