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How the embossing roll is produced

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(1) Blanking: seamless steel pipe for roller body, 45 # round steel for shaft head and flanges at both ends.
(2) Turning: Turning and processing the joint surface of the matching parts of the roller body, end plate and shaft head.
(3) Welding process: (According to the drawings, if there is oil or water inside the roller body, the inner tube welding process needs to be carried out in advance) Welding of the roller body tube: correct the coaxiality of the two ends of the shaft and the inner sleeve, Only weld the inner end plate on the shaft head. Put the inner sleeve into the roller body and weld the matching junction between the inner end plate and the roller body. Install the outer end plate on the two ends of the shaft, and weld the junction between the outer end plate and the joint surface of the shaft and the roller body.
(4) The roller blank is annealed to eliminate internal stress.
(5) One end of the steel roller shaft is turned flat, and a standard central hole is drilled.
(6) Turning processing: Divide each part of the rough and fine turning steel roller body to the size required in the drawing, and then set the center frame, the end face of the car, and drill holes to the size.
(7) Process the pattern on the surface of the roller according to the customer's pattern requirements. This is a crucial part of the process of making embossing rolls. It requires the embossing roll manufacturing personnel to have rich experience and formulate production processes based on customer pattern requirements. In the production process, the embosser must be careful, careful, and meticulous, and the patterns produced must be clear, rich in layers, and strong in three-dimensional sense.
(8) After the pattern is finished, the surface of the roller body is plated with a hard chrome layer or sprayed with other materials (depending on the purpose of the customer's embossing roller)
(9) Correct the static balance of the steel roller.

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