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t is necessary to strictly follow the safety instructions when operating the roll

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It is necessary to strictly follow the safety instructions. Otherwise, it will constitute the following effects.
   1. Constitute a shutdown, so that the production composition is thrown away.
 2. Damage to the machine tool and the workpiece.
 3. There is a risk of injury and death.
 1. Correct use of machine tools

 1. Operate according to standard operating procedures.

 2. Only qualified technical personnel can carry out operation and maintenance.
 3. The responsibilities of each operator must be clear.
 4. Obstruct the use of any operation method that can affect the safety of the machine tool.
 5. Never touch the working parts of the machine tool.
 6. Do not touch any live parts.

 7. If abnormal dynamics or oscillations are found, the machine tool should be closed.
 8. Never use flammable and explosive liquids to clean and cool the machine tool.
 9. Need to keep the operation platform, stairs and passages in all directions.
 10. It is necessary for the operator to supervise the entire cycle processing process.
 2. Shenyang grinding machine safety protection equipment
1. Safety protection of grinding wheel: When the protective cover is turned over, the grinding wheel cannot be driven.
2. Power-off maintenance: When the machine tool is working, because of power-off or emergency stop, the grinding wheel will move away from the workpiece. The action of each axis is closed.
Safety protection equipment and equipment cannot be revoked at any time, and insist on its usefulness.
 3. Dealing with urgent situations
There are more urgent buttons on the machine tool, which can be used to continue the machine when an urgent situation occurs. After pressing the button:
 1. All axes are recommended to be closed.
 2. The grinding wheel breaks away from the workpiece.

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