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Types and working principle of embossing machine

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Embossing machinery and equipment, in clothing accessories manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, luggage manufacturers, basically use high-frequency clothing embossing machines, processed products in addition to clothing, shoes and hats, bags, belts, leather bags and other various clothing accessories, Embossing of leather products, etc. The operating performance of the embossing machine is stable, the running loss of the machine is low, and the ergonomic design of the operation mode makes the safety performance of the embossing machine higher, so that customers and friends of the enterprise do not have to worry about the safety of the employees' operations, so they can rest assured to produce.

    Next, I will talk about the working principle and characteristics of the embossing machine for everyone;

    1. The pneumatic cylinder is used as the original power to perform the work, the movement is stable and the performance is reliable.
    2. There is no impact during the working process, which can greatly improve working efficiency, processing quality and mold life.

    3. Two-handed button operation, high safety; there is a foot switch for standby, releasing both hands improves work efficiency.

    4. The cycle time of the automatic punching machine is adjustable, and the electronic control can automatically and continuously punch, which is used in the field of mechanical and electrical integration.

    5. Hot stamping pressure, temperature, time can be adjusted, the height of hot stamping head can be adjusted up and down, and there is a bumpy impression.

    6. Automatic counting function.

    7. This machine adopts advanced microcomputer temperature control system, made of high-quality steel, easy to use, strong practicability, durable, low power consumption and good thermal effect.

    According to the requirements of customers, the embossing machine has a sense of return, nature and retro, which is more elegant in the rough denim style. It can display patterns that satisfy customers. The materials can be selected from genuine leather, imitation leather, leather, artificial leather, fabrics, flocking materials, etc., with various screen printing, low cost, strong flexibility, and bright colors. Industry, backpack industry, shoe industry, toy industry, handbags, bags, craft decoration and other industries.

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