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Molding process innovation for roll production process improvement

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The stylists in the foundry workshop have always been the "sweet buns" that the roll peers are fighting for. Because this type of work is not only a technical job, a delicate job, but also an individual job. It's all done by hand without any deviation. After a day of work, it becomes a "panda".

The first is the proper proportion of sand molds, keeping up with the weather and maintaining a certain degree of dry humidity, otherwise, the products come out of pores and sand. In addition, the size and strength must meet the standards. For example, the sand mold of the roller end cover needs to be beaten 100 times per cm2. If it is less, it may cause cracks under the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge. Hidden dangers. Finally, nearly 200 tons of sand molds for foundry rolls are built with both hands by workers. Without good physical fitness, most people can't do it.

Although all the existing workers are more than ten years old, the construction of the talent echelon still seems to be a bit unsuccessful on the road of the roll company's great development. Therefore, under the great attention of the leaders of the roll company, the foundry began to study the solution of replacing the machine with the machine. After more than two months, tried various tools and methods, and finally, locked in the tamping machine. It is used by the roll modeling team leader personally to study new modeling methods. After 2 weeks, the roll modeling team leader succeeded. However, success did not come as fast. The tamping machine in the group uses innovative methods of molding technology to double the efficiency. However, the veteran employees are worried that efficiency will increase and they will need to lay off employees. Resolutely refuse to use the new process. Finally, the company's leaders should not be invited to come to the workshop to appease them. Due to the success of the company's various new roll materials and new processes, the market share has reached the top 10 in the country. Stable product quality allows us to rise inversely when the performance of other peers declines. Therefore, as long as we do well, we are not afraid of no work and no orders.

The acceptance of the workers has made the innovation project of modeling by machines a success. The output of the foundry workshop increased by 20% last year, but the number of molding workers was adjusted from 20 to 12 people, which greatly improved the production efficiency of rolls.

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