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Composition of embossing machine

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The main equipment of the embossing process is the embossing machine. It is precisely because of the appearance of the embossing machine that replaces the manual production of human beings, which greatly reduces the workload, improves the work efficiency, and saves labor costs. The ginning machine is divided into several parts: flower, working box and back box. The function of the flower clearing part is to quantitatively feed cotton, remove debris and other debris, and use the flower thorn roller to loosen the cotton for convenient processing. The composition of clear flower includes flower feeding roller, clear flower thorn roller, rack roller grid frame, and debris auger. Then the cotton reaches the work box. The working box is composed of sawtooth drum working box ribs, blocking ribs, small spur rollers, etc. Some also have seed row tubes, stiff blue and other components. The working box is the core component of the brush sawtooth embossing machine. The processing surface is required to have a high finish. The cotton is formed into a cotton roll here. After the sawtooth and the ribs of the shell are used to extract the long pile, the cotton seeds are separated. The processed cotton is sent to the baler for packing through the pipeline The linters are brought to the back box by saw teeth, brushed by the brush roller, and then sent to the cotton box for processing. The cotton seeds can also be used to extract the linters again by the stripping machine.

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