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  The company is located on the bank of the Yangtze River, beautiful scenery, rich products, extremely convenient railway, highway, waterway transportation, providing unique external conditions for the company's development; strict internal management has created the company's integrity and pragmatism; reliable, excellent Technology has made our company invincible in the fierce market competition. 
     As a professional manufacturer of calenders, embossing machines and various fiber rolls, wool rolls, nylon rolls, textile machinery finishing equipment, Jiangyin Rolling Machinery Co., Ltd. has a very wide range of cooperation and exchanges in the industry. With low prices, excellent product quality and good reputation, the company has always been in a high position in the industry. Customers all over the country, the products are exported to overseas and Southeast Asia, and have been unanimously recognized and praised by users! 
     With the continuous updating of technology and equipment, and with the continuous accumulation of market experience, the company pays attention to the pursuit of excellent quality. The company is determined to provide excellent quality products and create excellent quality brands. The Alibaba website is a brand seller and the product quality management system has passed ISO9001:2000 certification. It has been evaluated by China International E-Commerce as AAA, and has issued a credit rating certificate. Product equipment has passed the EU CE certification. Registered trademarks are: Sheng Ze, Ke Hua. The company has won a number of honorary certificates: quality trustworthy enterprises, key brand protection enterprises, provincial 3A integrity units. 2010 participated in the exhibition of private enterprises in the Expo. 
      The world's top 500 companies have cooperated: Saint-Gobain in France, Teijin in Japan, Meiya in the United States, and Jingren Technology in South Korea. The company's products are mainly exported to Brazil, Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. South Korea and so on.  
        Today's Jiangyin Rolling Machinery Co., Ltd., just like a round of red sun, with the attention and help of friends from all walks of life, the rise. We will use all our enthusiasm to create new glory! 
        My company's purpose: to survive by quality, to develop with credibility!